Hacking The 3ds 0: Resources

What is this

This is an extra resources pages for storing useful information and resources related to the development of this series of articles. This includes tools, external articles, stack overflow posts, and any other kind of resource that is considered helpful. Consecuently it is also used to store, link to, and conserve information of value for my research.

URLs / Posts

ARM Reset vector information
ARM Image Entrypoint Docs
ARM Boot procedure
Method for Booting ARM Based Multi-Core SoCs

Some good stuff about hardware hacking, and ARM processors (applies some of the information above)
Hard Disk Firmware Hacking - 1 Hard Disk Firmware Hacking - 1 (applies ARM reset vector addr to dump boot code via JTAG, good example)

Blind ROP Spanish tesis on ROP

Specific 3DS content

Smealum’s 3DS Jailbreaking excelent presentation mrnbayoh exploiting the 3ds browser pt1 mrnbayoh exploiting the 3ds browser pt2 Slide 5: see missing neimod’s setup picture Fixing Bricked Gateway 3ds with raspberry Neimod’s early software works

Specific NDS/DSi content

Lawsuit coming in 3.. 2.. 1.. NOTE: images available in archive.org neimod’s DSi booting from SD


ARM Booting Process
Cortex-M Architecture

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